Radio Dada


Video: Rosa Menkman
Music: Extraboy
The video-images are constructed out of nothing but the image that feedback created [I focused a high end camera to my screen that showed, in real time, what I was filming, creating a feedback loop]. Then I glitched the video by changing its format and subsequently exporting the video into animated gifs. I [minimalistically] edited the video in Quicktime. Then I send the file to Extraboy, who composed music for the video.

The composing process started with a hand held world radio. Extraboy scanned through frequencies and experimented with holding the radio in different parts of the room while touching different objects. Eventually he got the radio to oscillate noise in the tempo that he perceived the video to have. The synthesizer sounds that were added were played live to further build on a non-digital sound and rhythm. This was later contrasted with drums which were digitally synthesized and processed through effects with a very digital sound to them. Just like the video, the mixing of digital and analogue media and aesthetics is mixed into one coherent whole.


Anne Helmond said...

w0w. w0w. w0w!!! the perfect start of a monday morning. this absolutely rocks!

kelsey said...

check this link out.
circuitbent video HEAVEN. :)

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