System False

Floating Jodi In the second edition of Floater, the magazine invents and curates the System False (or the peculiar possibility in the system). The collective Jodi.org was invited as contributing editors and created a Geo Goo map for the splash page. With the help of the map, Floater is positioned in a un-earthly georgraphical space that links and extends the magazine to its web surroundings (mostly individuals that also work with false systems). It also contains some works and interviews especially done for the magazine. Jodi asked me to contribute to their map and to place the System False in a different light. In the resulting pasta mails, the collective compiled a condensed version of the 'conversation' we had about the false system. In the mails, the false system is the other side of the norm; that which undermines the working system of communication. It encapsulates that which we (normally) don't want to see, or always try to delete (errors, spam, internet noise, mathematical formulas to delete noise etc.) It also includes my text on videoscapes (as an analogy on the soundscape that differentiates between three different noises).

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