LCD screencracking // LCD Bending

This post is not about the demoscene / crackscene. Although it is kind of minimal art with extra special outputs.

Photo-Video for Cimatics 2008
Jodi + Me. Visuals for Cimatics, 2008.

Webcrash2800. %SCR2, May 16, 2009.

Me + Goto80. My broken phone, 2008.

Even though the constant search for complete transparency brings new and ‘better’ media, every one of these new and improved techniques will always have their own fingerprints of imperfection. LCDs Cracks are the new cousin of celluloid scratches, antenna noise, plasma burns and dead pixels!

Update: KapteinKUK | 29 April 2009
Messing with a broken LCD TV.
Pretty colors&shit.