Glitch Studies Manifesto

go backwards to navigate forward!
The Glitch Studies Manifesto is now ready to be read and destroyed! It is available here!


hellocatfood said...

I tried loading the pdf into Scribus and it completely spectacularly failed to render, apart from the last page.

Take a look for yourself http://ubuntuone.com/p/4id/

I think it's retruning an error about an embedded colourspace, but I have no idea...

Rosa Menkman said...

hmm... thats unexpected!
Can you see the embedded version?
Maybe you can download that one.
When I download it, it works fine
What a shame!
Let me know if you want the .doc file, i can email that to, or however you prefer

hellocatfood said...

Oh no, it's ok, I read it all quite awhile ago. I just thought it'd be fun to see how a program would interpret it.

It's just another glitch ;-)

Xander said...

What I piece of headache, this website! But I like the distortion artwork. Nice job on the PDF. Really like how you created well balanced typography with the sharp edges of distortion. Very inspiring document. I will read it someday, cause it looks very interresting.