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Sound and television
Tuesday 25/05, 21.30-22.00: Audio visual television performance within the program "Sound and Television". On Danish nationwide digital television on the regional channels. Copenhagen: Kanal Hovedstaden. Fyn: TV Fyn. Midtvest: TV Midtvest. Bornholm: Kanal Bornholm. Nord: Kanal Nord. Syd: Kanal Syd. Øst: Kanal Øst. Østjylland: Kanal Østjylland. "As a Transmission Art series, Sound & Television invites artists who work with the materiality of audiovisual flows to realise performances exploring the performativity of television: not live on TV, but live as TV. During six half-hour long television transmissions, a group of Danish and International artists develop performances where the transmission itself becomes the artwork. The performances all reflect on different significant aspects of the changing conditions of broadcasting. In the new DVB-T (digital terrestrial television) environment, the very transmission format of TV has changed, from symmetric analog to asymmetric data flows, encoded in the MPEG format and decoded through software implemented in everything from flat-screen TV's, set-top-boxes and PC's. "The cracking of LCD screens"...all is not smooth in this world of digitally compressed TV, as ROSA MENKMAN shows in a performance based on her Glitch Studies Manifesto, creatively appropriating the hidden error-spaces accidentally opened up in new forms of encoding-decoding." 27-04-2010___AYMERIC MANSOUX 
 25-05-2010___ROSA MENKMAN 
01-06-2010___SVEN KÖNIG 
08-06-2010___JACOB KIRKEGAARD 
15-06-2010___VICKI BENNETT aka PEOPLE LIKE US |||I|I|I|I|I||II|I|||||I|I|I| I|I||II|I|||||I|I|I| I|I||II|I|||||I|I|I|I|I||II|I||||||I|I|I| I|I||II|I|||||I|I|I|I|I||II|I|||||I|

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