//Filtering Failure Exhibition; opening 25/2 (until 1/4), Planetart, Amsterdam.

Filtering Failure - Exhibition in Amsterdam 25/2/2011
In two weeks the exhibition Filtering Failure (25-2 until 1-4) will open here, in Amsterdam. The exhibition is curated by me and Julian (C-Men) and reflects on the relations between the processes of  ering and Failure.  
In a culture that is continuously accelerating, filters have become a primal commodity. We use them both to open and to close ourselves to or from any kind of possible information.        
Filters are ubiquitous, however we only realize their presence when we lack them, or when they fail our expectations.

The exhibition Filtering Failure investigates (the connections between) these procedural terms ‘filtering’ and ‘failure’ and how in (lo-fi) digital arts these terms are being re-invented and re-used.
We can set at least 3 different ways of Filtering Failure apart;
There is the filtering of failure as a garbage or redundant residue (the necessary filtering of all the information we encounter, all the time). Here the focus lies on the everything that has not been filtered, which is the information that will be used.  
Secondly, the title can be interpreted as the failure of filtering, which will result in information overload ("It's Not Information Overload. It's Filter Failure" - Clay Shirky).     
Lastly, Filtering Failure can refer to the process of filtering failure as a wanted result. In the exhibition we start from this latter perspective, while trying to show a tension between the two first forms.

                  Failure can r ef      er
                  Failure ca n ref      er
The exhibition asks how Filtering and Failure co-exist; and how these processes influence each other. I hope to see you there, at the opening, or later in the month!

Mo-Fr 14/17h. Wibautstraat 150 (Volkskrant building), Amsterdam. www.planetart.nl

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