Knife City new release cover design.

Luke Silas, Knife City
Knife City Cover Art by Rosa Menkman, 
this is the first legitimate release from luke silas as knife city. he makes loud dance music using game boys, and loves to play it live for you. buy him a drink if you go to a show. plz&thx!
Cover art by Rosa Menkman

▚                                                                                                      ▛▙◉◉ ▚▛▙◉◉▚▛▙◉◉ ▚▛▙◉◉ ▚▛▙◉◉▚▛▙◉◉


Alexandra Magearu said...

It's ironic, but while I was browsing your blog I went over this cover image and, without reading the information, thought instantly that it was a real flickr error and wondered whether this blog has been updated recently, falling into the trap of reading the information literally, falling into the trap of glitch! And this made me think of the potential fragile balance of glitch art that you mention in the manifesto - that moment right before glitch goes over the tipping point and, thus, becomes objectified as artefact. I was definitely held in the grasp of the confusion and destruction potential of glitch just now and, indeed, in order to emerge from the paradox, I was forced to reconfigure my conventional reception mechanisms. I think that your work is fascinating! I will be following your blog and vimeo channel!

Rosa Menkman said...

Hey A!
Thank you for your message : )
Yea, thats great, sometimes I wonder if this still happens or if most people are too digitally literate. Great to hear something happened!!