Teletext Art Prize 2013 (for which I was one of the jury members)

Lindsay Lohan's Mug Shot Cabinet by Kathrin Günther
Teletext Art Prize 2013:
The jury (Paul B. Davis, Voin de Voin, Rosa Menkman) worked hard but finally reached a conclusion (one winner and 3 honorary mentions). The jury statement:

The winner is Kathrin Gûnter with her image series " Lindsay Lohan's Mug Shot Cabinet"
The jury is of the opinion that this image series has both the strongest concept and most innovative idea for Teletext imagery in relation to contemporary topics.
The series poses a clever contrast to the more sexual/pornographic pages that have become a subject in teletext (art) and that the technology has become liked and loved for. One the one hand some of the jury read the piece as controversial: in these pages the woman's role has replaced the masculine cliche, emphasizing the power relations in traditional gender politics. On the other hand Gunter uses the technological feature of 'char blinking', rendering a secondary proposition in which only the eyes of Lohan remain and which others of the jury read as a strong visual reference to the symbol of the burka and it's association in Western culture with female repression. All jury members were in agreement of the caliber and complexity of the winning work.
Honorary mentions go to Raquel Meyers, Daniel Egg and Dragan Espenschied:
- Raquel Meyers for her "The journey of the sun" image series in which she shows how the low-res Teletext technology can be employed for storytelling.
- Daniel Eggs "DUST and SCRATCHES" series that deals with the materiality of two very different technologies. In this series Egg translated the lo-fi artifacts of celluloid into lo-res Teletext artifacts.
- The jury really enjoyed Dragan Espenschieds use of the blink effect in his "Lucky Cat".

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