Behind White Shadows of Image Processing (video) at ICC Tokyo as part of "Alternative Views"

** This video is a placeholder; work in progress!!ˀ

Behind White Shadows of Image Processing is a video based on my essay of the same name and is on show now at the ICC Tokyo as part of "Alternative Views" in the Open Space.

In Behind White Shadows, the "Angel of History" sends its friends and colleagues an email with the photos of two female figures attached. These two images, modelled after real women, are still seen by many people. However their name and identity remain unknown. The Angel writes: "While contemplating these images, I had to think about other women, whose faces were put through similar histories. Forever resonating within the realms of image processing - wether they chose this fate themselves or not. As it seems your face is amongst them, I wondered if you could share some of your insights." The Angel receives replies subsequently from the leader ladies, Lena, Ariane and a render ghost.

Alternative Views is an exhibition covering media art works and various expressions in the current media environment. It displays typical works in media and art, works incorporating contemporary technology, works with a critical perspective, works by emerging artists, and ongoing projects at research institutes. Furthermore, with commentary to help the understanding of the work, not only enjoy the work but also the current diversified media and the way of communication in the background, or the prospect for the future, the new sensitivity and the sense of beauty about the modern technology society We are aiming for an exhibition that will give us an opportunity to think

Period: Saturday, May 18, 2019 – Sunday, March 1, 2020 : NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC].

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