Invading Gotoburg

Yes.. I finally arrived in Gothenburg. Back to all my senses, washed my nose from all the vomit smells, got out of the fantasy back to reality. I dont really like Gothenburg. It is not really pretty or ugly, ...inte bra... It is really nothing at all. But I try to like it anyway. I saw a moose. They call it Älg. Weird people with a strange language... Entter posted one of my non edited drunken recordings of their performance in Geneve. At that time a man was trying to have sex with my leg and the alcohol was trying to tackle my brain. But the camera was sort of steady anyway. Great fun..

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Johanna said...

oh my god.. You have got to love Gothenburg with the grey skies, wierd statues and alcoholics..! no, just kidding =), Im trying to get away from this dump.. can't wait til I do! Anyway, have a nice trip! (I live like 5 km from lerum). Kram på dig! http://beeergman.blogg.se