The Briefcase

In 2005 in art school, I did a project on Prince Bernhardt. Back then he had just died. Our prince was a real personality. He showed this his whole live, for instance through his flirts with Evita Peron, The Lockheed Scandal and his two secret bastard daughters. After his death Dutch television released 9 interviews and because of those I got very into the life-stories of the dead prince. This is when I decided to do my art school project on him. Basically I took my favorite briefcase as a Mcguffin for all the princes' secrets and photographed it in mysterious places. Art school wasn't for me and a week after finishing this project I quit. I never got to collect my briefcase that was on display. To me the briefcase was lost... But last week I found the briefcase in a fleemarket in Gothenburg! I bought it back for 1 euro, the boy had no idea what he sold me. He could have asked me for 10 and I would have paid it. The photos that where in it are gone now, but I still have them digitally.

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