mr. Norton Yorkshire (2)

It was a nice Tuesday morning and mr. Norton Yorkshire was taking a morning siesta because the older rabbits had partied the night before and he did a lot of raving. Suddenly mr. Norton Yorkshire woke up and he noticed he was flying through the air. Apparently one of the big moving carrots had taken him out of his cage and was now throwing him back and forth. mr. Norton Yorkshire was sort of used to this because throughout his 3 bunny weeks this suddenly seemed to happen to him all the time. But this time it was more rough then normal and he actually got scared. And that is when mr. Norton Yorkshire’s live changed forever. The carrot man made a very sudden movement and mr. Norton Yorkshire jumped and landed on his ears and then on his head and passed out.

When mr. Norton Yorkshire woke up he found out that his body didn’t have a scratch. When he tried to stand up though, he fell down. He felt completely disoriented. After some dizzy moments mr. Norton Yorkshire discovered to his horror that his eyes had shifted 90 degrees. Everything mr. Norton Yorkshire saw, was actually shifted 90 degrees...

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