First Born

A live recording, nothing edited... more of The family to come


lotte said...

ha roos. leuke streepjescodefilm. Kan je begin en eind loupen? De eerste overgang naar kleur vond ik iets te heftig. Maar heel leuk en zeker ook mooie bliepjesgeluiden uit een andere wereld die spoort met de afstand van verweg van boven...

r00s said...

Ah yes,
So it is true that some of the visual changes are a bit harsh. this is because the clip is actually recorded live, i didn't edit a thing.
The 2 layers are controlled by me and they might feel a bit funny because of that, but i like that : )
The music is by lovely extraboy.

al.droid said...

hello. i got here accidentaly in this blog and i must say i loved the video and music, congrats. i'm very interested on this kind of visual aesthetic, so, may i ask how did you do it or what did you use? -if it is not the artist's mistery.
keep up

roos said...

Hey AlDroid!
Thanks for your liking:)
The video is made out of 2 videos that are superimposed. One of the videos is a glitch i made, but I dont know exactly how. I was making a movie of zooming in and out on a pdf really fast, and then when i watched the video back, it was really something completely different with a lot of colors. I put all the contrasts to the max and changed all the colors into black ad white. The other video is made of Google earth. I am a big fan of the Kuwait- going down area of google maps, It makes me want to go there some time. When you go down, there is loads of weird overlaps of the photos. I have been flyin over these photos for a long time, and then i decided on my favorite route and filmed it. So it is glitches that came to existence when satelite photos are stitched.
So that is it! (I think) :)