// Nethernet tour 2008 // Netherlands //

The NetherNet Tour is over! A lot happened so its time for a really fast recap... For me the tour started a little bit early with 8GB's concert at Versch festival and his stay over the next week. The real tour kicked of at the 8bit bbq at Rotterdam, which served as a nice warmup for the week to come. Firestarter and 8GB (Shakira) treated us to a private garden concert and Florian Cramer served up some real idol-feelings in my head. Oh those German theoricians.. :) After the bbq we went to Worm for Stu, Computadora and Goto80 to top of the evening (which also included some frantic singing by yours truly). We woke up for some perfect bbq breakfast served by mr. pornologic the next morning. Tilburg was one of the most bizar nights we had. Although the concerts themselves didnt seem to go as smoothly as we hoped, 3 voor 12 gave the boys an excellent review on their performance. (except for that eye bleeding part) There you go ZXZW! It was also very nice to meet my favorite vj/artist Gijs again. The most special night for me was in Amsterdam, when a lot of my friends (and even family) joined me to have a good party. Again I got to show of some of my special singing skills. hehe.. yea, well, the night ended in style anyway, with a lot of people staying in my house with celebrational wodka and Spuke (stu) proving his name worthy. At Gogbot festival we met up with Jason Forrest and saw the singing Tesla Coils, which were really scary and a lot louder then I had expected them to be. I also met one of my flickr friends Mari3k3, who showed me her "Mega Slacker" installation at the festivals exhibition space. I had the best concert night the next night, when Ceephax played probably one of the best acid-dance sets I have heard in a long time. When The C-men got hangover of his 6 hours straight double amiga vj-ing session, Shakira and I decided to plug in our laptops and 'vj-ed' together for M-ziq and Goto80. what happened then is best described as a vj-filtershowdown. or something. The tour ended at one of the best squatter places I have ever been to, Landsbouwbelang in Maastricht. If you are ever around, you should really take a look at their factory, it is very beautiful and the people are very nice. That night Goto80 s final concert really proved Defmon and its possibilities to jam live on a Commodore, which got the crowd a bit of guard at first but worked out perfectly in the end. A very nice and relaxed way to end a very special tour. fotos are here (or what is left over after my crazy deleting franzy..)

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