MachinimaBits - 29th January 2009, De uitkijk

The second round of MachinimaBits is coming!
Machinima is a blend of machine, cinema and animation. It is the production of (short) films within a game-engine.

In 2006 we organized the first MachinimaBits festival. Since then, we find that focussing on videogames in such a confined way excludes a lot of the more interesting, arguably border-line practices. This year we would like to broaden our scope and focus on the use of videogame (technologies) in terms of appropriation.
To appropriate something involves taking possession of (parts of) it. The term appropriation often refers to the use of borrowed elements in the creation of a new work. The borrowed elements may include images, forms or styles.
For now we like to diverse between 4 forms of appropriation (Click on the categories to find some examples):

The Game as a Whole

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