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Some time ago, Performative fail was part of a Glitch video night Organized by Nick Briz at the UCF Cinematheque (April 21th 2009). As I am still curating collections of different artifact videos, I like these kinds of 'personal favorites' lists (so I share them with here!):

Arcangel and Constantini. Atari Noise 2000 0:58
Rosa Menkman. Performative fail 2008 4:26
Karl Klomp. tiedoe 2005 3:28
Karl Klomp. Rex 2005 3:32
Joe Roche. Vortex Accumulator Black Mirror 2008 Jimmy 1:07
Nick Briz. From the Ground Up In Order Embrace 2007 1:25
Nick Briz. Binary Quotes 2008 5:22
Brian McKenna Operation Twins 2009 4:24
Teen Novel Something having to do with clouds without using the word cloud 2008 4:57
Evan Meany. to hold a future body so close to one’s own - selected portraits 2008 4:07
Evan Meaney. Beneath the Pressure of the Sky 2008 10:57
Jon Satrom.
kolobokz 2001 6:12
Morgan Higby Flowers.
Panasonic AG-77 2008 13:17

Especially for this night, Evan Meany wrote a little piece to introduce glitch art which can be found here

"Glitching represents an attempt to understand the liminality between translation and interpretation though methodical alteration and systematic intervention of digital files."


Another Glitch night that took place (in 2008) was curated by Jon Satrom and called
"Glitch: Creative Problem Creating"

Often considered to be a problem, errors, glitches, and accidents are nonetheless a part of the art-marking process. Curated by new media artist and SAIC faculty member Jon Satrom, this program gathers films, videos, hacked TV broadcasts, interactive work, and modified video games that revel in failure, rejoice in errors, and celebrate the happy accident. Works showed on this night included:

SUICIDE SOLUTION (Brody Condon, 2004)
(Siebren Versteeg (2000)
486 SHORT VIDEOS (LoVid, 2008)
gameboy_ultraF_uk, (Corby & Baily, 2001)
ATARI NOISE (Arcangel Constantini, 2000)
THE WEBSITE IS DOWN (Josh Weinberg, 2008) interview
TIEDOE (Karl Komp & Totek, 2008)
Various formats (Jon Satrom)
blinq (Billy Roisz, 2002)
the future of human containment (Michaela Schwentner, 2001)
Film In Which There Appear Edge Lettering, Sprocket Holes, Dirt Particles, Etc (Owen Land, 1965-66)
Boomerang (Richard Serra & Nancy Holt 1974)
Panasonic AG-77 (Morgan Higby Flowers, 2008), another video
kolobokz (jon satrom, 2001)
MyDesktop OSX10.4.7 (JODI, 2008)
Enter The Devil (reMI 2000)


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Kyle said...

Evan Meaney's "to hold a future body..." -- amazing work, beautiful essay/process notes. Thank you very much for this reference.

I've been working a bit in a similar direction, but not very satisfied yet with the manifestation of the ideas. I'd appreciate any feedback: http://tr.im/tgfe