//Tour de .be+.fr

Still some details to sort out, but here’s a rough idea: See you! 090508: Goto80 + Rosa Menkman @ Festen Party #2, Paris, Fr. w/ Tom Woxom, Puyo Puyo 090509: Goto80 + Rosa Menkman @ Microparty vs Stunfest, Rennes, Fr. w/ Tom Woxom, Divag, JDDJ3J, Gee’z Mo’, Dr Von Pnok, Zombectro, Dedlay and Bubblyfish. 090514: 8-bit SHARE @ iMal, Brussels, Be. 090515: Goto80 + Rosa Menkman @ Pixel Party, Liege, Be. w/ Rotator, Droon, JDDJ3J, Mr Kindhoover, Boysgame, more. 090521: Cupp Cave, Goto80, Chantal Goret, and Peer, Fat Chance and me. 090522: Goto80 + Rosa Menkman @ My Bits Are So Chip, Annecy, Fr. w/ Divag 090523: Goto80 + Rosa Menkman @ Nuits Sonores, Lyon, Fr. w/ Computer Truck, Divag, The Cheat Code, Dedlay, Recodd, Dr Von Pnok, Zombectro, more.

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raphael said...

happy to see you @ Share