Publications -- some self shame/shameless selfpromotion

f-news I am never sure if I should post these publications that I am somehow involved with, it seems a bit self aware or something. However, there is some good stuff, so here we go.. full on... # In the begin of the summer Eva Sancho interviewed me for Nisimazine. The resulting piece is a small but good introduction to (some of) my work. # Accidents in Celluloid and Pixel lost the Celluloid Remix competition at the Dutch Film Festival (NFF), but did get some feedback on a diploma signed by Dutch-Remix-Whizzkid-Guru Eboman: Starts annoying, becomes nauseating/rotten (free translation by me). Apparently in some Dutch slang (I am not familiar with) this means something positive. The comment works perfect for a glitch film anyway. hehe. # Nick Briz is organizing periodical glitch events in and around Chicago. He used some of my films for the Eye and Ear Clinic (we need something like this in Amsterdam). He also wrote a piece for the student paper fnewsmagazine in which he used an image by me. # It seems that Rafolio has finished his master thesis on digital decay. The pdf download is put together with a lot of effort and features some works by me (an honor to be part of that, really). It was especially nice to see that he picked the 404void.iq project (that I did in 2007) as one of his research subjects. I have actually been considering to do a 2009 sequal of the project, to see how much the Iraqi web has evolved in the last 2 years. # Last Friday, Richard Rogers presented the IPbrowser at Impakt online festival in Utrecht. A project I worked on at DMI (together with oa. Alexander Galloway) and that later received support by Impakt. # Kind of late and therefore less interesting: Radio Dada was part of the Intermerz program and screened at LEV Festival (Gijon, Spain) and TERRITORIOS DIGITALES 2009 (Sevilla, Spain). The video was also part of the Pixel Project collection. Performative Fail is part of the persuit of rejects project >> something will happen with this but I am not sure what. # Second last and weirdest, I found a rather old interview of me and Goto80 at HAIP festival for Open Source Radio FRO in Ljubljana. Its awkward to listen too (at least for me). But now we got that out of the way too! # Last but most interesting: I will be presenting my Glitch Studies Manifesto at Video Vortex, Brussels (20 November 2009) in the panel `System flaws and tactics`. The conference takes place in one of the spheres of the Atomium Funny how my latest glitch presentations take place in highly ordered places like the Hilton Hotel and a molecule structure.

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