Glitch Studies Manifesto (2)

2. Dispute the operating templates of creative practice by fighting genres and expectations! We are all stuck in the membranes of knowledge, governed by social conventions and acceptances. As an artist I strive to reposition these membranes; I do not feel locked into one medium or between contradictions like real vs. virtual or digital vs. analog. Fight the techno religion! Surf (tube- ride) the vortex of technology, the art of artifacts. The quest for complete transparency has changed the computer system into a highly complex assemblage that is often hard to penetrate, or sometimes even completely closed off. This system consists of layers of obfuscated protocols that find their origin in ideologies, economies, political hierarchies and social conventions, which are subsequently operated by different actors. I elucidate and deconstruct the hierarchies of this system of assemblage. I do not work in (binary) opposition to what is inside the flows (the normal uses of the computer) but practice on the border of these flows. Sometimes, I use the computers’ inherent maxims as a façade, to trick the audience into a flow of certain expectation that the artwork rapidly breaks out of. As a result, the spectator is forced to acknowledge that the use of the computer is based on a genealogy of conventions, while in reality, the computer is a machine that can be bent or used in many different ways. With the creation of breaks within politics and social and economical conventions, the audience may become aware of the preprogrammed patterns and a distributed awareness of a new interaction gestalt can take form.


Nicholas O'Brien said...

Im curious about the contradiction between the real and the virtual. Is this a social contradiction propagated by mass-culture (or the producers of domestic/prosumer digital devices), or an inherent contradiction that our bodies (as our first interfaces) have become accustomed to delineate?

roos said...

Hey Nicholas,
To me the contradiction between real and virtual has become a more or less philosophical one. The real contradiction, if there ever was one, is just to complex and differs per perspective and/or subject. I think it can be found within the social, economical, bodily and many more realms, and I would not delineate it to only one before describing the context (artwork, artist, theory, etc.) in which I would use the word.
In this manifesto point, I use the contradiction philosophically and as such, I think it is open for interpretation. I do not define it.