People wearing my T-shirt in NY

Ctrix wearing my T-shirt in the metro At the blip aftershow T3456x2304-00010-pola01 4200049807_fea715028e_o-pola I walked into quite some people wearing my shirt [Disquieting dreams of lofi utopia] during Blip, which made me very proud***. I think it turned out quite cool as well, so I actually also wore it myself. As you can see on the photo(?), the color of the shirt is not black, but Charcoal. (some kind of grey-ish tone). I have had some requests from people to buy the shirt, so I am thinking about remaking them, since I am all out except for one girly or so. The problem is that I can only find expensive places online (around 20 euros, just for production of one shirt). If you have any suggestions on how to reprint the shirt (it has 4 colors), please let me know! Thank you!

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Daniel said...

I WANT ONE!!! there are a lot of very affordable print shops in the US, like
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