Pixelnoizz and Rosa Menkman live visuals @ Satta Outside 2010

The stage, emptyMwesleeMwesleePixelnoizz and Rosa Menkman

After a day of heavy video glitch/compression-discussions and building 5 Quartz Composer patches in the sun, me and PXN (Pixelnoizz) did an improvised  "No Signal VJs" set, at the beach stage at Satta Outside Festival last weekend. We had a lot of fun, and I have lot of respect for PXN, he is a great artist and we really worked well together.
This is just 5 minutes of footage of our 3 hour filled-with-laughter improvisation.

Music by Lapti and DZA from Russia.
Video edited and shot by Tomas Ramanauskas, Vitalis Mika, Antanas Stasiunas and Darius Silenas 
(thank you guys and Vytautas, Ignas and the whole Satta crew!!).

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