Share Festival 2010 - Smart Mistakes

Share Festival 2010 - Smart Mistakes
This year, the VI Piemonte Share Festival will be focusing on the artistic and cultural significance of mistake, or: Smart Mistakes.

The festival will screen my video Demolish the Eerie ▼oid next to works by Jodi, 0100101110101101.org, Alterazioni Video, Lia, Miguel Carvalhais, Dextro, Ant Scott, Cory Arcangel, Nullsleep, Alison Maeley, Harm van den Dorpel, Stelarc, Mark Shepard and Michele Bazzan.

The exhibition will have 3 main clusters: technical error (glitches, the aesthetics of failure), biological error (mutations) and Serendipity (error as an opportunity):

Technical errors: glitches, the aesthetics of failure. These will be works or performances that explore the dysfunction of machines, transmission errors, bugs, interferences, disorder, noise, communication errors, and incorrect use. The artists working on this cluster will explore error in the relationship between man and machine not as a technical problem, but as an artistic paradigm about the perception of error from a cultural point of view and as artistic opportunity.

Biological errors: mutation, bio-diversity, nature, science. These will be works or performances that use life and the living as their language, along with aspects of the scientific method. The artists use biological material to create so-called "hybrid" art projects that use biological matter or exploit the chemical properties of matter or behavioural aspects of the living. These works can be defined as bio-art or hybrid art.

Serendipity : unexpected changes, chance discoveries, unpredictable variants. These terms should be understood in their broadest sense, the result of failed projects, abandoned projects, disaster, inconvenience, misappropriation, side-effects, slip-ups, and flops. They concern design and discovery based on error or randomness in approach.

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