The Tipping Point of Failure opening!

Tipping Point of FailureTipping Point of FailureTipping Point of Failure
The Tipping Point of Failure, my first solo exhibition, just opened in Łódź, Poland. The exhibition shows four of my works; the Vernacular of File Formats (consisting of 8 different films, 10 prints and a text based on my research in file formats), The Glitch Studies Manifesto (the text and center piece of the exhibition), The Collapse of PAL (a rememberance of the PAL signal) and my acousmatic videoscapes (8 musicvideos on LCDs, based on theories of Pierre Schaeffer).
The exhibition will run until the 4th of December. More + digital catalogue to come -- which will explain more about the title of the exhibition!
For reviews in Polish here and here

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