//Videoguerrilha Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo videoguerrilhatried to map out some projections but we only had 2 days and it was to little especially cause I also have to work during the daytime.
I arrived safely in Brazil!
My bag however did not make it - KLM is still looking for it (or so they say) they never put it in the system which is a bad sign - ouch! The bag had some of my new hardware, cablebag and underwear in it! I already bought a new toothbrush but I dont feel really happy about this...
Good news: I am actually too busy for caring cause yesterday my Residency at Labmis started (the museum for sound and images) where I will be transforming the Glitch Studies Manifesto into a movie and on top of that I am doing visuals at Videoguerrilha the coming days in one of the main streets of Sao Paulo. It is a huge project that involves 20x20.000 lumens guerrilha-style-installed beamers on rooftops and in appartments that will project on the empty walls of the big buildings.. 
We tested some mappings yesterday (see photo) and it looks really cool and i am almost a bit overwhelemd. 
More to come..


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F. "Kurt" said...

Hi Rosa! I'm Kurt, one of the few chipmusicians here in Brazil, Sao Paulo! Don told me about your visit here at the city, if you wanna meet some of the dudes who make music, send me an email or something so we can welcome you to the city :D