Order and Progress - Exhibition brochure

In 2 days my solo exhibition "Order and Progress" will open in the Fabio Paris Art Gallery in Brescia, Italy.
The show will be different from the exhibition that I did in Poland; the photo prints will be new, and I will also present a new work, "Monglot" which I developed during my residency at the MIS (the museum for image and sound) in Sao Paulo and for which Johan Larsby did the coding.

These are the works that will be on show in Brescia:
The Collapse of PAL (video), Dear mr Compression (video), a Vernacular of File Formats (9 prints and videos) and Monglot (software based on A vernacular of File Formats).

The exhibition is curated by Domenico Quaranta who also wrote a special text for my brochure (see above or download). What I especially like about the text is how towards the end, Domenico describes (with a lot of understanding) some of the works that will be on display.

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