The Low Times of Hi-Fi :: 3,5 inch floppy release ...

The Low Times of Hi-FiAlmost a year ago I was asked to create a video for Pharmacon Records floppy release "The Low Times of Hi-Fi". Today I got this package in the mail - which was kind of serendipitous&unexpected (it has been such a long time).... The release consists of 10 3 1/2-inch floppy disks, with music from different artists and one floppy with a music video by me and Goto80.  

For the creation of the video used the most extreme compression I could make (less then 5KBS), compressing the in total 3:20 min video to less then 1MB. After that, Goto80 composed some compression-mangled music  that in the end resulted into a complete music video of 1MB in size.

Pharmacon records"The Low Times of Hi-Fi" - Pharmacon records
The video is a re-work of "Dear mr Compression" (which was a love poem to mr. compression, celebrating all beautiful quirks and imperfections). This version however, is extremely compressed and black and white - mr compression zooms so unforgivingly much into the imperfections of the registered image that what is seen has become kind of ..  -,, nothing.. (at least VLC just refuses to register for some kind of silly reason.)

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