//STEIM Workshop: A Vernacular of File Formats

225350243675_13ab64e1e1_oI will be giving a workshop about file formats at Steim!
14 April 2011 | 18:30 - 22:30 | Workshop | €15

Drive-By Workshop
Glitch! Data bending and the language of file formats

Every technology possesses its own inherent accidents and corruptions. The glitch art movement embraces these errors as a new form of visual aesthetic. In this workshop, glitch artist Rosa Menkman will guide you through the theory and ideals of this brash new art form, and teach basic data bending techniques for creating your own digital corruptions.

Data bending is the creative hacking of digital data stored on a disk. All files, images, videos, and sounds are stored on your computer in one nearly endless stream of 0's and 1's (binary code). The computer makes sense of this stream of data by organizing it into chunks, each with it's own unique binary language. We call these chunks files.

With the help of an encoding/decoding program (or codec), the language of a file (the file format) can be translated into something we perceive as an image, sound, or video. Data bending/glitching is all about creatively breaking the language and its translation. It is an art of exploiting the possibility of errors and making them your own.

Topics we will cover include:
* Theory of glitch art, data bending, and the popularization thereof
* Theory of image file formats and the visual "languages" they represent
* Techniques for creating glitched and bent visuals with some of the most common image formats

The hands-on portion of this workshop you will learn to use the languages of some common image formats as a tool for creation, bending original images to create new ones. We will explore how new, often unexpected visual structures can be generated through various methods. No programming knowledge is necessary. This is a beginner's introduction to data bending!

Glitch! Data bending and the language of file formats is presented as part of STEIM's Drive-By workshop series. Short and illuminating hands-on workshops which deal with relevant and eccentric uses of technology intended to teach and inspire artists working with sound (and visuals!).

A mac computer with some images you would like to bend. STEIM has a limited number of computers to provide to participants. Please let us know if you don't own a mac and would still like to attend this workshop. Otherwise, no prior programming experience is necessary for this workshop.

Rosa Menkman is a Dutch visual interactive artist whose work embraces the artifacts created by accidents in digital media. The visuals she makes are the result of glitches, compressions, feedback and other forms of noise. Although many people perceive these accidents as negative experiences, Rosa emphasizes their positive consequences.

Rosa has written extensively on the topic of glitch, error, and accident in art and has published a formal "Vernacular of File Formats", describing a theoretical basis for looking at file formats through the lens of language. Her work has been shown at numerous international festivals including Cimatics (Brussels), Blip (Europe/US), File (Sao Paolo), and Transmediale (Berlin). She has curated numerous glitch festivals and exhibitions locally and worldwide.

Date: April 14, 2011
Time: 18:30 - 22:30
Cost: €15 presale, €20 at the door.
Location: STEIM, Achtergracht 19, Amsterdam
Maximum number of participants: 16

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