▄▄─Going Beyond the collapse of pal in The Collapse of PAL

It was a really good experience to collaborate with Optical Machines - they play with a midi synced shadow play instrument (and self build audio synthesizers), which takes the history of PAL actually way back beyond its coming about. This gave me the opportunity to think about the history of PAL starting with shadow play, then growing into pal and other analogue glitching (we exploited syncing issues (by putting signals together) and with the circuit bent AVE-3, and finally connected these methods to digital glitch.
Besides this Bernhard Fleischmann also played with us, my old time Morr Music Heroe : ) 

In the end (the climax) of the performance I invited Defi (Argentina), to destroy the screens by the black strokes of his paint brush (breaking the image somehow and getting the kids really upset - they tried to stop him!). 
Collapse of PAL
It was a good battle of the screens wrapped up in one big performance.  

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