GLI.TC/H full, provisional program!

[Download the pdf here]
Online components
Online Gallery — curated by fa-g.org
Extrafile — created by Kim Asendorf
glitch safari — instigated by Antonio Roberts and Jeff Donaldson
T.RASHB.IN — by jon.satrom and Jake Elliott
404 — Jodi and the GLI.TC/H/BOTS
Ben Baker Smith — infinite glitch

Physical Components
GLI.TC/H READER[ROR] 20111. editors: Nick Briz, Evan Meaney, Rosa Menkman, William Robertson, Jon Satrom, Jessica Westbrook, Japan: Unsorted Books, 2011. ISBN: 978-4-9905200-1-4.

The Glitch Moment(um). Rosa Menkman, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2011. ISBN/EAN 978-90-816021-6-7.

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