//Registration: Nils Frahm piano, visuals by Rosa Menkman.

 ______ A short video of my performance at Nova Festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil last month, together with Nils Frahm.  ______ ______
I was worried that the piano would be too sweet for glitch visuals, but during this performance I learned that the piano is actually one of the strongest instruments in the world..it
.As a real Brazilian gig is supposed to work out - we had absolutely no time to prepare or to rehearse. So it was all improv, and it was one of those performances that made me realize why I do love what I do. It was a rush. 

Live visuals by Rosa Menkman 
Editing by Rosa Menkman
Recorded video footage by Stephanie Melli-Mella
Performance at Nova, April 2012, MIS, Sao Paolo, Brazil. .


jn mnsn said...

That combination went pretty well! Didnt expect that!
like it at 01:46 --> ∞

Rosa Menkman said...

Thanks Jan : )