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My GLI.TCH 2112 CSS Design[ DATE: DEC 6, 2112 - DEC 9, 2112 ] -- [ LOCATION:CHICAGO,IL++ ]The new The new GLI.TC/H 2112 site is online! this year GLI.TC/H will try to be even more open++inclusive. This is what we tried to reflect in the website. 
GLI.TC/H is about community (gathering teh glitch wwwebz IRL), education + sharing (chatting media/digital literacy + politics + theory && sharing art/work + ideas + techniques) ++ with a focus on accessibility (inclusivity, transparancy, free pizza, openness) and experimentation.

This year GLI.TC/H will be a kind of demo-party/glitch-camp hybrid, hands-on and conversational.

The four days will be divided up into participatory ‘threads’ (think classes) with different focuses, lead by ‘thread-leaders’ and panels/presentations (see call for thread leaders + panels/presentations below). All day-time GLI.TC/H attendees will be thread-participants, not only consuming/experiencing glitch works/ideas but also producing (on site) experiments/collaborations which will be shared in the evening-time compo[lations], where even more folks can join in the celebration!

⟁ Alerts! ⟁
✶ call for: teeshirt designs {download nfo file} ✶
✶ call for: Panels / Presentation {download nfo file}✶✶
✶ call for: Thread Leaders {download nfo file}✶✶✶
✶ hack this site!: {open console button} ✶✶✶✶
✶ make a bumper!: {click for nfo} ✶✶✶✶✶

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