Hello PlutoTime == back_when_Now_is

bAck wHen pLuTo wAs A pLaNeT
This morning. i am just sitting here. the Sun is setting at Now and its hazy 
(Now == ?)

Every time i say now, i use it to point at something already, just, passed 

(now == #)

i know the ambiguity of this very specific N/now. now was constantly/now is constantly; right there/just when. i use the word so frequently; possibly more than once an hour (it is almost boring - )

Imagine a culture that doesn't know now. this culture is not on Now. a reason for a culture not to use now, is for it to simply have no sense of now. maybe it lives at another Now: Then or When... it might be a culture without a #LinearTime. there is no in-between. this culture simply does not use this sense of horizon. 

But if there is no #EventHorizon, or at least not the one i sense at Now, how does this culture navigate? do they have a permanent sense of meunières disease? do they live in a state of non-navigation and constant confusion or impending nausea? or is it just another state of being - like a mucky yoghurt (why do i think of something as boring as mucky yoghurt - )

If there is no now, there is no event horizon. there is no planet to live on, in different, rotating times …what does ambiguity mean on a planet that has no now?

I suppose that living outside of N/now is like living outside of time i can imagine only a superorganism living outside of time. but that structure would probably not be #alive. it would be a structure of some kind of other manifold, alternate -- #live 

But I don't resonate in that reality. i got born on Now, where now is more than an instinctual reflex. here, everybody has something with now: either they don't have it and that's the thing they are having (notNow) or they have it and they do it (k/nowing -- )

Right now i am on a PlutoLike Now, where i live in elongated time, so i don't really know. i am still part of the same system - embodying similar standards of metrics for indexing things while using the same sense of teche of patterning; i use different tags and systems that work at my Now. 

I am at Now and now is probably my most favorite thing. now is the most expensive currency, that is converted as ambiguity: it's in-between a suspended state whilst event horizon; a vortex, forever looping while turning out. i am really happy for this possibility at Now. 

and then, when it becomes now again. 

in any moment, i am sincerely now,

I grab onto PlutoNow, it's a/ present

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