⬢⬣ A Glitch Timond ⬣⬢

A Glitch Timond
Its hanging: A Glitch Timond! 

Glitch cliches for the blind, which you will(not) be able to see it during the totally dark opening this Wednesday evening at Gerard Doustraat 128, Amsterdam during the opening of PORN FOR THE BLIND™

A Glitch Timond 
The collage shows a collection of glitch clichés collected from popular culture. These former disturbances have gained meaning beyond their technological value; the effects have became signifiers, pointing to the presence of for instance hackers, ghosts, A.I., 'reality' and lofi or retro 'emotional' technologies. 
I chose the framing, the non-square, non-quadrilateral windows, in different x/y/z spaces as an example of the blindness for other possibilities caused by resolutional clichés. A Glitch Timond

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