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‘Myopia’ (2015)
I got the chance to take my thoughts to Transfer Gallery, and make my dreams reality, or at least give them some new shape and form. I named it iRD. I explained why in a couple of interviews, if you want to know: Postmatter, Creators Project and over at Furtherfield for a more lengthy and in depth interview with Daniel Rourke.

So Transfer and the iRD will be open for a couple of more days! Come either this Thursday for the special additivist Manifesto event, or on Saturday, the last opening day of the iRD.
In any case, here is an overview of the works:

iRD Patch
iRD patch (2015) [limited availability, contact me]
Black on black embroidered logo [iRD]
Encryption key to the institutions
RLE  010 0000 - 101 1111
σ ≠ 1984

2 . institutions of Resolution Disputes (2015) institutions of Resolution Disputes (2015)
20” Acrylics
The 5 institutions of the iRD

Tacit:Blue (2015)
2 min. single channel video
Between a Masonic pigpen and DCT
hardware used: nova drone by Casper Electronics w/ custom patching
# X
#   ・ X   ・

  ‘Beyond Resolution’ (2015)
Video soon to be released! 15:30 min AV live performance registration that took
place at Static Gallery, Liverpool, January 2015.
Featuring video images by Alexandra Gorczynski
and sounds from Professional Grin by Knalpot.
Sound mastering by Sandor Caron.
Environmental Sound: Beyond Resolution sound
remix by Ryan Maguire, moDernisT  http://theghostinthemp3.com

Myopia 2015
‘Myopia’ (2015) ‘Myopia’ (2015)
Wall vinyl with wavelets and extruding vectors.
Zooms into the JPG2000 wavelet compression artefacts.

Transfer Gallery,
Located at 1030 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn, NY 11211
Gallery Hours
Saturdays 2-6PM && by appointment with director@transfergallery.com

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