iRD Resolution Challenge

The institutions of Resolution Disputes, in short iRD, are geared towards demonstrating the fact that resolutions are more than just standards. Resolutions form solutions but also involve compromises between different matters. However, these compromises and their inherent alternative outcomes are often obfuscated or even forgotten. 

For example: when we speak about video, we refer to a four cornered moving image; we do not consider video with more or less corners, timelines, or soundtracks. Fonts are monchrome, QWERTYUI is a classic password, Ghosts can only communicate through analogue forms of noise and animals cannot own copyright.  

All these standards have political, economical, technological and cultural backgrounds, that are somehow embedded in the histories of our media. Its hard to keep up with them and of course, we cannot collect them all. But it is a good exercise to consider these mechanics once in a while and to realize that with every resolution, alternative implementations will be unthought, forgotten or even lost and unseen. 

There are no "right" answers and no amount of questions to answer in the "good" way to get certified. You can propose your answer directly at the iRD via email, or present them via the piratepad links available in the pdf. A resolution is just a perspective! 

 This test was compiled with the generous help of the R.C.R.D. (Resolution Challenge Research + Development) Team consisting of Laimonas Zakas, Daniel Temkin, Stallio!, Phil Stearns, Rick Silva, Jon Satrom, Daniel Rourke, Raquel Meyers, Rosa Menkman, Kyle McDonald, Jan Robert Leegte, Olia Lialina, Justin Harvey, Anders Carlsson, Carolyn Kane and Nick Briz Questions, additions and fulfilled challenges can be send to iRD@beyondresolution.info 

 For material resolution certification please paypal 6.43 to 
iRD@beyondresolution.info and email your snail mail address. 

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