╱̷∕╲∖╱╲∕∖̸╲̷╲̸╱̷∕Upcoming dates!

09-10 October - Facilitating the Critical Writing Academy in Murmansk, Russia.
12 September - iRD patches && Resolution Challenge at the Transfer booth during the Internet Yami Ichi New York.
11-13 September - Visuals and roundtabel at Gogbot Festival, Enschede Netherlands.

05 September - Screening of Lunar Storm at Baltā Nakts, Riga, Latvia.
04-06 September - Presenting Xilitla at the Moving Image Fair Istanbul, Turkey, with Transfer Gallery.
03 September - I'M Ten Exhibition & Auction at IMT Gallery, London, UK. 6 - 9pm.
19 Augustus - Keynote ISEA, Vancouver, Canada. iRD.

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