DCT SYPHONING: the 1000000th interval. A show within a show at the Europäisches Künstlerhaus Schafhof in Freising.

GLITCH, an exhibition with Nick Briz
|Nick Briz and I just opened our show "Glitch Art" (I argued for a more magical name, but there was no discussion about this one) at the Europäisches Künstlerhaus Schafhof in FreisingThe exhibition features 4 works by Nick and 1 new work by me: DCT SYPHONING: the 1000000th interval. 
In fact - DCT SYPHONING consists of 7 pieces on which I have worked a long long time - so I believe it is well worth seeing. An early sketch static image version can be found here

DCT SYPHONING was inspired by Flatland and tells the story of a father (DCT Senior) who introduces his son (DCT Junior) to different levels of compression; they move from dither, to lines, to macroblocks (the realm in which they normally resonate) and into the ‘future’ realms of wavelets and vectors. 

The story illustrates how the young son reacts to old compressions technologies, but also the newer, more complex ones which ‘scare' him because they are not legible to him. 

Every work in the Syphon is made in a 3D environment and per work artefacts from another realm of compression are used. The text is encoded in DCT, a form of encryption for which I won the Crypto Design Challenge in October 2015

All the environments are 'printed' within their most logical environments; the dither Syphon is a print on a greyscale square of 1,00x1,00 meters, while the Line and Macroblock Syphon are presented on old check monitors. The wavelet and the vector world are presented on 16:9 LCD and interactive projection. 

The exhibition is open until the 31st of January, a day Nick and I will celebrate with a closing talk : ) I hope to have all the new work up by then... (resolutions...)  

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Keir said...

Looking forward to seeing it; 5 year old son Drake and I saw the poster in town here in Freising and he's just told me over dinner he wants to go tomorrow.

Rosa Menkman said...

Thats great Keir I hope you had a good visit!!! fantastic.