DCT:SYPHONING. The 1000000th Interval at Minnesota Street Project, during Transfer Download.

When I first saw this installation of DCT:SYPHONING I felt emotional. Its huge and very well done. After watching a first loop I filmed the whole screening with enthusiasm - as you can see from this video; I keep walking around. 

The installation is still up until the 9th of September, when the Closing Reception ::: 'TRANSFER Download' at the Minnesota Street Project will take place. 

But for those who cant make it to San Francisco, here is the video of me moving around. If it bothers you that I move around and then used youtube stabilizers to calm it down, you might find some pleasure in imagining me filming this while my tail wiggling all kinds of ways.

About DCT: SYPHONING. The 1000000th interval, 2016.  
6:23’ min 3 channel 16x9 video installation. 
|| More documentation can be found here

DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) has been around since 1973, but only became widely implemented in 1992, when the JPEG image compression technology started using it as a core component.
While the DCT algorithm lies at the basis of the omnipresent image compression algorithm JPEG, knowledge of how the algorithm works, is uncommon. Even less people are aware of the history and circumstances that lead to the development of the popular algorithm - DCT compression was tried, tested and optimised on the skin of a naked, white lady.

In DCT:SYPHONING, DCT narrates how DCT Junior runs a first Syphon on its 64th interval; a transcoding trip through the different ecologies of image field complexity. Together, they Syphon from the macroblocks (the realm in which they normally resonate), to dither, lines and the more complex realms of wavelets and vectors. In In DCT:SYPHONING, DCT Senior logs how junior reacts to old compressions technologies, but also the newer, more complex compressions which ‘scare' it because they seem illegible.  

DCT:SYPHONING is inspired by the 1884 Edwin Abbott Abbott roman Flatland.

Every image plane environment is made in a 3D environment and per environment artefacts from another realm of compression form the textural basis of the chapter. The text of the narrative is encoded in DCT, a form of ‘encryption’ for which Rosa Menkman won the shared first price in the Crypto Design Challenge in 2015.

DCT:SYPHONING was commissioned by the Photographers Gallery in London for the show Power Point Polemics. It was also on display during the double solo show Glitch in Schafhof, Oberbayern, Germany and during Transfer Download in San Francisco. 

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