Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam buys A Vernacular of File Formats. The digital archive.

Press Release Stedelijk Museum
Today, upon opening the  Stedelijk Museum Press Release in my inbox, it suddenly hit me and I teared up a bit..
This is very monumental, not just for me but for digital art in the Netherlands. I am more than honoured to be part of it.
The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and  MOTI in Breda are jointly acquiring 17 works by contemporary digital artists, amongst which 'A Vernacular of File Formats' (2010) - The digital archive. This acquisition is especially significant because it involves a rather exceptional format: an archive consisting solely of digital image and videos files (no physical materials are being acquired).

The Vernacular will of course also stay available online in all its different formats. More information on the work can be found here: https://goo.gl/iSk7xI
For me it is a huge relieve know the archive will exist for prosperity.
Other artists that are part of this incredible acquisition:
Constant Dullaart Rafaël Rozendaal Floris KaaykGeoffrey Lillemon Jan Robert Leegte Jodi.org Vuk Ćosić Martine Neddam, (under the pseudonym of Mouchette), Olia LialinaJon Rafman Petra Cortright Jonas Lund, UV Production House (Brad Troemel and Joshua Citarella ) and  Michael Mandiberg.
MOTI has already been a pioneer in collecting pieces of net art in the Netherlands and although it will likely be changing course due to recent changes in management - this museum ROCKS. 
A big thank you to Ward Janssen Bart Rutten and Mieke Gerritzen for all their hard work and dedication making this acquisition happen.

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