Slides of the course "Beyond Resolution" now online!

Beyond Resolution / Studying Occult Affordances
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Last semester I had the great luck to work as deputy professor in Kassel, so I spend a lot of time on developing the Resolution Studies course and its slides.

I took it as an opportunity to think through my own practice and inspirations and to describe the field in which I work. I think the slides highly reflect this, so I am sure its biased and I welcome any critique and additions. I think I finally kind of finished putting all the slides online now, so here they are:

Resolution Dispute 0000 : Habit 
Resolution Dispute 0001 : Materiality 
Resolution Dispute 0010 : Genealogy vs. /his/tory I, II, III 
Resolution Dispute 0011: Institutional Tactics I, II, III 
Resolution Dispute 0100 : Scaling as Violence

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