Rasta Bar Demo: "clet■|| mu ■utch■ZT"

I won last price on the ZX81 for LCP Demoparty - with slightly glitched keyboard (which made coding a lot more complicated / was also known as the dutch coffeeZX)!!! YEeaa!

Rosa (Lady Lazer) and Walder (Droid) presents
Glitch my Dutch ZX
"clet■|| mu ■utch■ZT"

Code (as I can recall):

5 print "Glitch my Dutch ZX"
55 for I=0 to 255
56 print chr$(i);
66 print "Rosa and Walder presents"
77 Print "Calculating rasta bars"
89 For h=0 to 155
Next H
555 save "hh"
556 goto

Just before the compo started the power supply got disconnected and since the sound out didnt work properly, we coudnt save it and thus our live demo died there. Ephemeral media rule. I did make a recording of the rasta bars.
And so the Rasta bars will live on.

St Lars Computer People 2008

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