failing harddrive sounds

I wasn't really happy with the music of the last post, so I decided to do a little bit better in my next one (this post).
This video is made with the help of a collection of failing hard drive sounds, while the video is a combination of failed pdf screengrap videos (by me).
It is the first time I made a (kind of) music video-thing all on my own. for the music I didnt use any composing software except for firefox ...
It is very lo-fi in a broken hifi way -if you get what I mean.



M. Altemark said...

Great! Could you share the samples you ripped from the site somehow?

roos said...

hey mr Altemark,
As is didnt really compose this song in any conventional way, I dont really have samples either. But I can share what I do have for sure!
Please let me know what you made with it!