Destroying the bitmap, deconstructing the pixel.

3370854178_a3bb910984_o3370854178_a3bb910984_o3370854178_a3bb910984_o Deconstructed pixel (heart) If you would follow stAllio, who has written a great and way more elaborate tutorial on this kind of image bending, then this effect would have to be called the TextEdit effect (because my method followed the rules of his Wordpad effect, but was executed in TextEdit). But apart from that TextEdit effect doesn't really sound nice, (or does it?) I think this kind of naming of an effect/bent is not sufficient, because the effect is not (just) dependent on the software but on specific changes in the code. Although it is a more general name, I think that the more general term 'image bending' (or data bending, yes mcfiredrill :), still works a lot better. How its done: open a BMP file in TextEdit (or wordpad, or... ), move some code from here to there and then save it.

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