//Playlist exhibition at iMAL, Brussels.

Tomorrow is the closing day of Playlist in iMAL, an exhibition curated by Domenico Quaranta. The exhibition gives an inclusive overview of artists working with ubiquitous technologies, (mis)using them as raw material to develop new works  concepts and understandings out of them.
Playlist gives us a sample of the way musical and visual artists asserted this freedom by taking the time to reinvent the specificites of the computer medium (code, computation generation, machine glitches,...) pushing obsolete game and computing technologies into new directions, far away from expected usages and established aesthetics, far away also from the pressure to consume the next generations of digital products launched on the market. Playlist highlights also the continuum of researches and practices based on reinvention, recycling and repurposing, active not only in mainstream cultures (game, hackers and demoscene, 8-bit and chiptune music) but also in contemporary media arts. This reinvention process is often one of the first steps that leads to innovation and renewal, a collaborative and open process shared by open communities and indivuals with rich, mixed and hybrid profiles.
For who did not get to go to Brussels, VjVISUALOOP made a nice overview-video. Around 1:44 you can see my video piece Radio Dada that is also part of the Playlist exhibition. I also made some photos during the opening night, which you can see here

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