//Reviews Refresh exhibition at Axiom Gallery.

Boston Globe / Refresh Review
Boston Globe. Everything old is new again. Artists degrade technology to find fresh content. By Cate McQuaid, Globe Correspondent | August 4, 2010.

The exhibition "Refresh" (and my work Demolish the eerie ▼oid) got a review on Dinca and in the Boston Globe. 
"Spanning from 8bit and ascii animations to manipulated digital video, this exhibition creates an aesthetic and conceptual dialogue that allows us to question conventions of digital media in our society as well as our relationship to new and past technology.  The artists included in this exhibition evoke notions of nostalgia, document unintended artifacts, and push the boundaries of the ↓field by experimenting with new technologies.  In doing so, these artists create a refreshingly alternative digital practice that functions outside of the mainstream aesthetic."
//Boston Globe:
"Some of the art here simply looks grainy and low-tech. That can work when you push it far enough: Rosa Menkman has reduced a digital self-portrait down to a blipping code of colored dots, which at one point coalesce into an actual picture of her."

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