GLI.TC/H: /* Stallio! */ VS /* Vade && Rosa Menkman */

During the last performance-night of GLI.TC/H, Vade and I decided to do some impromptu visuals for Stallio! ... 
Vade used a dirty mixer (think Karl Klomp) and an analog tv scanner to mix my video and analog-data-surround-video with some of his patches.

Shouts outs went to Angelina Jolie... and Mary Ann and Paris who did visuals the same night in NYC, for the Hackers The Movie 15th Anniversary party. 

Thanks to Evan Meaney for filming!
and a shout out to /* Hellocatfood */ for no apparent reason - accept for beer, buttons and cleaning.


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vade said...

//// m/u/c/h f\u\n !