//Glitchs N✦t Dead! --->> New D⧓tes! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

GLitchs not dead
My new GLITCHs NOT DEAD t-shirt designed by UCNV, which I got as a present-response after writing this in the Vernacular of File Formats:
"…I am waiting for the first "Glitchs not dead" hoodie in H&M. And because fans are as bad as the ignorant, for the sake of being bad, I will definitely wear the hoodie."
Viva Helvetiva Punks! ( : I think Curt Cloninger should write some more about this in his GltchLnguistx 2.0 : )


So... Glitchs Not Dead >>> time for some really huge new things in the agenda (and some things I had no time to post about that are now in the past)! I hope to see you in Łódź, Berlin or Sao Paolo!

09-11->22-12-'10 – Residency at labMIS. working on the Glitch Studies Manifesto - movie. Sao Paolo, Br.
5-11->7-11-'10 – TBA @ Persuit of Failure Symposium in Berlin, De.
2->7-11-'10 – Screening @ Share Festival Sm_Art Mistakes in Torino, It.
30-10->!! – Solo exhibition Galeria NT, Łódź, PL.
15-10-'10 – Impakt Festival (w/ oa Gijs Gieskes) Small interview + screening of Radio Dada and Demolish the eerie ▼oid.
30->10-10-'10 – screening of Collapse of PAL @ e-fagia.


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