WORM schlußparty II :: 10 dec 2010 -- Closing party WORM, Rotterdam, NL

Mais Gringa
....This weekend my favorite podium in the Netherlands, WORM, is going to close its doors (to open them somewhere else in the future). I have been asked to create the videos that will be playing in the video installation during the closing party. Unfortunately I wont be able to attend the party because I am still in Brasil working on a new movie - but the videos will show on an old 3x3 videowall, which will be pretty cool-looking....
Here are some other new dates that I will attend and do some stuff at:
now->TBA [extended to end of December] - The Tipping Point of Failure, Galeria NT, Łódź, PL.
10/12/2010 - Video installation at WORM schlußparty Rotterdam, NL.
11/12/2010 - Visuals at Improvisado #41, Casa das Caldeiras, Sao Paulo, BR.
15/01/2011 - Order and Progress solo show at Gallery Fabio Paris, Brescia, IT.
27/01/2011 - DOGtime, Rietveld, Amsterdam, NL.
03/02/2011 - Collapse of PAL performance at Transmediale, Berlin, DE. 

10/02/2011 - Artist talk at Data.ie, Dublin, IR.

25/02/2011 - LOW RES RETRO exhibition opening at Planetart, Amsterdam, NL.


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