//Brescia, Italy: Order and Progress. And the premiere of Monglot

I dont have a lot of time because I will have to leave the computer very very soon, to go to Brescia, Italy to set up the Order and Progress show, but also I did not not want to post this:: 

In Brescia I will be showing some old and new works, but most excitingly, Monglot, a new software by me and Johan Larsby  will premiere! The video above is a video I made with the software and the prints that will be on display in Brescia are also made with the help of the Monglot. Monglot is one of the projects I worked on in my residency at MIS and I am so happy its finally almost finished!

Mongrel: the offspring of varieties of a species, mixed background, bastard, or an imperfect crossbreed
Monoglot: knowing only one language; monolingual.

Now I am going to run, but to keep the tension, I will post the software after the weekend: whooohoo!!

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