//Getting Closer, exhibition curated by Lindsay Howard.

Getting Closer 
Animation by Simon Baker (I think) on the left is my work, in the middle is Rafaels Roozendaals work Muchbetterthenthis.com.

My work To Smell and Taste Black Matter (2) is part of the exhibition "Getting Closer" which opened 2 weeks ago and is curated by Lindsay Howard.

What is the shape of intimacy in the digital age? What are its values? What does it mean to connect?
Getting closer brings together digital artists working with cutting-edge technologies who address connections accross physical ad metaphorical distances by producing new wauys of initiating and exploring intimacy.
(featured artists: kaja Cxzy, Zach Blas, Petra Cortright, Francoise Gamma, Alexandra Gorczynski, Riley Harmon, Sara Ludy and Nicolas Sassoon (w/Krist Wood, Rosa Menkman, A. Bill Miller, Rafael Rozendaal and Liz Rywelski).

Curated by Lindsay Howard.
January 21st-March 1st 2011
Fe Arts Gallery, Pittsburg.

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